Lust, Caution (Se, Jie)

Preview by Ava Cadabra

Rated: NC-17

Starring: Tang Wei, Tony Leung Chiu Wai

In Theatres: September 28, 2007 (extremely limited release, due to the rating)

WHAT THE HECK IS IT?  This espionage thriller is said to be Ang Lee’s latest masterpiece. Lust, Caution tells the tale of a young woman named Wang, who gets involved with a radical group of drama students who conspire to assassinate a Japanese political official named Yee during World War II. Each student has a role to play, and Wang’s is vital: she will gain Yee’s trust, befriend his wife, and draw him into an affair. Along the way, she gets in too deep and starts to struggle with her two identities.

SPECULATION:  Perhaps you’re like me, and the first thing that strikes you is the rating. The MPAA slapped a solid NC-17 on this bad boy, and Ang Lee accepted it, no contest. The reason for the rating is “explicit sexuality," but don’t go in expecting artsy porn. This is a long, drawn out story which focuses more on Wang’s identity crisis and the entanglements surrounding her. You’ll be sitting for a while (it runs for 160 minutes), but bear in mind that this film has been rumored to be among Ang Lee’s best work. In fact, it recently won Venice film fest's top Golden Lion award.







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