28 Weeks Later

Review by The Ninja Master

Another zombie movie, good fun for zombie fans but not as good as the first one.

THINGS THIS MOVIE CONTAINED: Flesh eating zombies, military snipers, kids that get everyone killed

THINGS THIS MOVIE DID NOT CONTAIN:  Aquaman, John Belushi, An eerily haunted Denny's. Untrue Fact: Zombies love to rock out to Electric Guitar.

The Review:  Here comes another zombie movie. This is what, the 112598274512th in the past 5 minutes? We keep watching them because we don't care if we've seen it before, we just want a gruesome horrorfest of zombies tearing people apart. Well, this delivers on the horror. This is the sequel to 28 Days Later, a superior film with more depth and more style. As I bash on the plot, keep in mind that this is still a fun horror movie. I just couldn't resist pointing out the idiocy of the characters.

In the first movie, you get your standard virus causing people to turn into zombies. It happens in England, which is quickly ravaged with few survivors. After a long enough time, the zombies drop dead from lack of food and whatnot, setting the stage for 28 Weeks (notably NOT directed by Danny Boyle, director of the first film.) It's now 28 weeks later and for some incredibly stupid reason people are coming back to try and live in England. They believe the virus is gone, despite having no reason to do so, and mainland Britain is completely trashed. The US army is overseeing the process, and the new residents are supposedly secure and protected from the yet uncleansed surrounding areas.

So here we have our contained city, surrounded by an area the army warns is covered in dead bodies, wild dogs, and diseases. Who wouldn't want to come back? Then they do a real smart thing, they bring KIDS in. These two kids decide to go off into the surrounding area, sneaking through the heavily fortified military (naturally) to find their old house. They want a picture of their mom, and don't think it could be that dangerous what with the rampant disease, wild dogs, and dead bodies everywhere. Wouldn't you be creeped out anyway? I mean you have to assume you could run into your old neighbors and friends dead half eaten carcasses sitting out there too. Anywho, they find their mom still alive in their house, and she happens to be immune to the virus. The army brings them all back to the city. A smart move, to say the least.

From here on, you have your standard zombie fare. The mom, while showing no symptoms, is a carrier of the virus. It quickly infects everyone, and the army decides to kill all the people to stop the spread. Plot hole? Why sit around fighting a war with the infected people when they inhabit an otherwise completely lifeless region, and you know the zombies will die on their own in a matter of time? You could just...you know, leave, and come back when they're all dead. The zombies are stuck there, and the army has helicopters and all sorts of fun stuff. But anyway, the kids try to escape (those bastards) and zombie horror ensues.

The horror is pretty intense, and the zombies are scary and in your face. I enjoyed this movie, despite what it might sound like above. Although full of plot holes and stupid kids, that's not what you came here to see, and you might not even notice those holes if they weren't pointed out. You came to see the zombies and get scared, and it does that quite nicely. After just watching the movie Resident Evil 3, or Resident Evil Extinction (or whatever) I have come to appreciate 28 Weeks Later a bit more. At least this movie is actually scary, and in comparison the plot is clever and well developed.

Complaints:  Those damn kids annoyed me so much, I just couldn't wait for a zombie to chomp them down. Why the heck would anyone decide to try and repopulate the place anyway? They admittedly don't understand the virus, so why after a measly 28 weeks would they assume everything is safe and come back? And come back to what, a destroyed land full of diseased bodies?

On a side note: The Ninja Master is immune to all viruses, including the Zombie ones. He is not, however, immune to plot holes that make no sense.

Ninjasaurus Rex:

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