Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Review by The Ninja Master

A dark film by Tim Burton, based on the play. A superbly bloody revenge musical, and that's something I don't say often.

THINGS THIS MOVIE CONTAINED:  Razor sharp razors, lots of singing, Alan Rickman being all rapist

THINGS THIS MOVIE DID NOT CONTAIN:  Goldfish love scenes, the Pound Puppies, bridges leading to Terrabithia.

The Review: First off you have to know this is a musical. It's not a movie with a few songs in it, it's a straight up musical where people sing more than they talk. That being said, don't let it discourage you. It's a brilliant work of art, where every scene is picturesque, haunting, and most of all entertaining. Johnny Depp is excellent as Sweeney Todd, the bloodthirsty barber that wants nothing but vengeance.

Benjamin Barker had a beautiful wife and daughter, before a powerful judge sent him away to rot in prison on false charges. Said Judge then raped his wife and adopted his daughter as his own. Years later, Barker has escaped from prison a changed man. He returns to Fleet street in London to get his revenge on the Judge, wielding his precious and dangerous razor blades with reckless hatred. His former landlady takes up his cause, but really just wishes she and Sweeney would fall in love and live happily ever after.

What ensues is a macabre musical of epic proportions (and fairly epic length, coming in at two hours). All actors are cast perfectly, and the music flows so well you'd never realize it was an adaptation. Tim Burton doesn't disappoint, creating the perfect combination of powerful emotion, gothic scenery, and pure twisted soul. I left the theatre singing and waving around imaginary razor blades.

It isn't all blood and songs, the plot has it's twists and turns. It's as moving and poignant as it is dark and vicious. Sadly, a good deal of people will be put off by the constant singing. It may move a bit slow for some, who will lose interest and miss out on a masterpiece. If that sounds like you, don't bother seeing it. Instead, why don't you go down to Fleet street and see if you can't find a close shave.

Complaints: I can't really complain about a movie that centers around throats being slit by razor blades. That's pretty much right up my alley, being a Ninja Master and all.

On a side note: The Ninja Master gets his hair cut at Sweeney Todd's barber shop and lives to tell the tale. His throat is certified un-slittable. He also likes to yell "Sweeney Todd!" and hack wildly at random strangers with his toothbrush.

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