No Country for Old Men

Review by The Ninja Master

Possibly my favorite film of all time, this movie filled me with awe.

THINGS THIS MOVIE CONTAINED: A wicked looking shotgun with a silencer, Tommy Lee Jones, a case with two million dollars inside

THINGS THIS MOVIE DID NOT CONTAIN:  Sweeney Todd, the Writer's Strike, a kickboxing Tadpole

The Review: I have to say, this movie completely amazed me. On the surface it is a monstrously tense story where a man finds a case full of money, and decides to keep it. He is pursued by the most evil, badass killer you're likely to find in any movie this side of the Milky Way. The directing is beautiful and flawless, developing the characters with precision and holding us in rapture when we hear the heavy footsteps of Chigurh. With his ugly haircut and soulless smile, you will learn to fear this man by the end of the movie. There is blood aplenty, and the savage death and chase scenes are executed with perfection. But this movie has even more to offer.

Below the surface, this is one of the great masterpieces of human analysis. After it's over, think about the title and what it means. Think about the characters and what they represent. Tommy Lee Jones is the old sheriff, a man disillusioned and out of place in the broken world he once knew. He sees the world passing him by, and although the story focuses on other characters, the sheriff's role is by far the most important to understanding the underlying themes. Chigurh is an inevitable death personified, a man that lives by a set of rules alien to the society that we understand. He understands that in the end the world passes everyone by, but in the present your decisions are the only things that define your life. He regards human life in much the same way as we regard cattle, as evidenced by the air tank he carries around for use on victims. This is the same tool used to slaughter the poor guys that make our burgers.

The main character is a simple married man of a dying breed, a Vietnam veteran living out his days as an honest cowboy. When he finds a drug deal gone bad and decides to keep the money, we have to ask what decision we would make in his place. His life is forever altered, and the effect ripples out into countless characters as Chigurh comes chasing after him. An entertaining bloodbath ensues, and the meaning of life, humanity, and death has never been probed with such casual ease. Despite the deeper levels of the film, the story never tries to preach or become more than it is. Incredible on so many levels, you absolutely must see this movie. If you find yourself not understanding the ending, that's okay. Maybe you aren't supposed to just yet. The very fact that it's complicated will cause you to reflect back on the movie, and thus reflect back on the meaning behind each of the scenes. Take away what you can. Even if you never make sense of it, it's still one hell of an entertaining movie.

Complaints: Too awesome. Seeing this movie makes it harder for me to review other movies, as they all seem to fall under it's shadow.

On a side note: The Ninja Master once had a showdown with Chigurh. Ten days later, everyone within a hundred mile radius of the two were dead. Chigurh and The Ninja Master decided to call it even and go get some Waffles.

Ninjasaurus Rex:




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