Review by Ava Cadabra

Disney hits a home-run with a refreshing plot that both spoofs and pays homage to the beloved 2D films of their past.

THINGS THIS MOVIE CONTAINED: Happy working songs, surprisingly endearing cockroaches, poisonous apples, Wormtail from Harry Potter.

THINGS THIS MOVIE DID NOT CONTAIN:  Sebastian the Crab, Jazzercise, Steven Segal as a neck-chopping sea captain, Snailerson H. Feelerface

The Review: Believe the hype. Undoubtedly the “feel-good movie of the year”, Enchanted may also be the best non-Pixar related Disney film of the decade. This is a film that appeals to any nostalgic 2D animation fan, as well as any human being with the capacity for joy.

If you’re too young to reminisce in the Disney tales of old, you may not get the blatant references to Snow White, Cinderella, Mary Poppins, and others. This film explores a new take on the traditional fairy tale, crossing fantasy with the reality. Gisele, an animated princess-to-be, gets forced into the real world of New York City by an evil queen. Separated from her prince and unfamiliar with her new environment, Gisele struggles to cope with a harsh reality where “happily ever after” no longer exists.

Amy Adams is perfect as Gisele, earning herself a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. James Marsden delivers a spot-on comedic performance, and gets to stretch his musical talents as well. Susan Sarandon’s turn as Evil Queen Narissa is underwritten, and not quite as over the top as she could’ve (and should’ve) been. The few original songs in the film are catchy and utterly reminiscent of Disney’s past, written by The Little Mermaid and Aladdin songwriter Alan Menken. Enchanted makes for a perfect date film, and just might put you in the mood for singing and dancing by the end of it.

Complaints: The little girl who plays Patrick Dempsey’s daughter is a terrible actress. Couldn’t they find a better kid?

On a side note: Here’s a tip, lads: This film is the movie equivalent to a satisfactory love spell. Take a girl to see it and she’ll feel antsy for romance.

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